Telephone-delivered support and advice for people with knee osteoarthritis (TELECARE)

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The primary aim of this study was to compare two different forms of telephone delivered support and advice for people with painful knee osteoarthritis to find out which one worked best for managing arthritis symptoms, and why. One way to potentially improve access to healthcare is to provide self-management advice by qualified health professionals, who are specially trained in the management of arthritis, over the telephone.

Status of project: completed

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Does telephone-delivered exercise advice and support by physiotherapists improve pain and/or function in people with knee osteoarthritis? Telecare randomised controlled trial

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Telephone-Delivered Exercise Advice and Behavior Change Support by Physical Therapists for People with Knee Osteoarthritis: Protocol for the Telecare Randomized Controlled Trial

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Telecare Research Summary

Researchers involved in this study included Prof Rana Hinman, Prof Kim Bennell, Dr Belinda Lawford, and Penny Campbell at The University of Melbourne in partnership with HealthChange Australia, and collaborators from Monash University, Curtin University, Queen’s University and Medibank Private. The study was funded by Medibank Health Research Fund and the National Health and Medical Research Council, with in-kind support from Arthritis & Osteoporosis Victoria, the Australian Physiotherapy Association and HealthChange Australia.

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