Educational information, with and without pathoanatomical information, for people with knee osteoarthritis

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The primary aim of this study was to compare the effects of knee osteoarthritis educational information, with and without pathoanatomical content, on consumer osteoarthritis management beliefs through a randomised controlled trial.

Status of project: Completed

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Removing pathoanatomical content from information pamphlets about knee osteoarthritis did not affect beliefs about imagery or surgery, but led to lower perceptions that exercise is damaging and better osteoarthritis knowledge: an online randomised controlled trial.

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Researchers involved in this study included Dr Belinda Lawford, Dr Michelle Hall, Dr Thorlene Egerton, Prof Kim Bennell, Prof Rana Hinman, Dr Steph Filbay, Dr Fiona McManus, and Dr Karen Lamb at The University of Melbourne.

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