Honours in Vision Sciences

2018 Research projects for Honours (Vision Science)

Lab DirectorProjectEmail
Eye Movement Unit
Assoc. Prof. Larry Abel
  • How does what we're looking for affect how we look?
  • Did you see him? Simulated driving, hazard spotting, and bad phone habits
Optological Unit
Dr Andrew Anderson
  • Measuring our ability to detect motion: are all methods equal?
  • Dividing our attention: can noise help us understand how our brains keep an eye on multiple locations?
Clinical Trial and Ocular Physiology Units
Assoc. Prof. Bang Bui
  • Mechanisms of autoregualtion in the retinal trilaminar vascular network
Cornea and Immunology Unit
Dr Holly Chinnery
  • Does systemic inflammation influence the immunological status of the ocular surface?
  • The effect of local hyperosmolarity on the phenotype of corneal dendritic cells
Anterior Eye, Clinical Trials and Research Translation Unit
Dr Laura Downie
  • Investigating tear osmolarity and ocular surface health
  • Crowdsourcing critical appraisal: is it a valid approach?
National Vision Research Institute
Prof. Michael Ibbotson
  • Developing better stimulation strategies for bionic eyes
Clinical Psychophysics Unit
Prof. Allison McKendrick
  • Do older and younger adults differ in their ability to divide attention across multiple visual tasks?
  • Motion perception in older adults
  • Imaging the eye - developing new methods for analysis
Imaging Retinal Cells Human Unit
Assoc. Prof. Andrew Metha
  • Characterizing single red and white blood cell flow through human retinal capillary networks.
Visual and Cognitive Neuroscience Units
Prof. Trichur Vidyasagar
  • Dynamics of of neural cross-talk between brain areas
  • Role of inhibitory circuits in the visual cortex
  • Meta-adaptation and selective visual attention
Ocular Biomarker Unit
Dr Christine Nguyen
  • The retina reflects Parkinson's disease

How to apply

If you are interested in any of the above projects as part of an Honours programme, you would need to apply online on the Faculty’s webpage.
Apply online

However, before you apply online, you are recommended to do the following:

  • Look up the departmental webpage to get a detailed idea of the research interests of the various research units.
  • Contact by email, one or more laboratory Heads, whose research areas interest you, provide them with your curriculum vitae and academic transcripts and arrange a meeting to discuss a project in more detail. You have to enter these preferences in your online application.