Clinical Psychophysics Unit

Research Overview

Our research aims to better understand normal visual processing and damage due to disease. We have specific interests in the study of glaucoma,
migraine, and the process of normal aging. Our applied aims include developing better clinical tests for the assessment of vision loss; determining  methods of preventing visual damage, and improving understanding of the consequences of vision loss on performance in natural visual environments and day-to-day tasks. Our current studies use a variety of methods including visual psychophysics, human electrophysiology and human brain and ocular imaging. Our work is highly collaborative with colleagues from ophthalmology, psychology, physiotherapy,neurology and neuroimaging.

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  • Professor Allison McKendrick
  • Dr Bao Nguyen
  • Dr Janet Chan

Graduate research students (PhD and MPhil)

  • Ms Menaka Malavita
  • Ms Cassandra Brooks
  • Mr Juan Sepulveda
  • Ms Chongyue He
  • Ms Rekha Srinivasan
  • Mr Vasanth Muthusamy


  • Prof Andrew Turpin, Computing and Information Systems, The University of Melbourne
  • Professor David Badcock, Psychology, University of Western Australia
  • Dr Anna Ma-Wyatt, Psychology, University of Adelaide
  • Prof Jonathan Crowston, Dr Zhichao Wu, Centre for Eye Research Australia, Ophthalmology, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Olivia Carter, Dr Stefan Bode, Psychology, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Andrew Anderson, Dr Michael Pianta, Prof Algis Vingrys, Prof Trichur Vidyasagar, University of Melbourne
  • Prof Gary Egan, Dr Qhizu Wu, Monash University
  • Prof Chota Matsumota, Dr Fumi Tanabe, Ophthalmology, Kinki  University, Japan
  • Prof Paul Artes, Optometry, Plymouth University, UK
  • Dr Jonathan Denniss, Psychology, University of Nottingham
  • Dr Stefan Zysset, Haag-Streit International AG, Switzerland


  • ARC
  • Industry consulting and contracts