Visual and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory

Research Overview

The laboratory’s main aim is to understand the neural basis of perception, attention and memory, with a particular focus on the visual system.  To this end it undertakes research using a variety of techniques ranging from single cell and multiple unit recordings in animal models to psychophysics and neuroimaging in human subjects.  While most of the research activities fall under the umbrella of basic research, it also has an active programme in understanding the neural basis of dyslexia and possible ways of early diagnosis and remediation.


  • Dr Jaikishan Jayakumar
  • Dr Eketerina Levichkina (Katya)
  • Ms Yamni Mohan
  • Mr Errol Lloyd
  • Mr Mojtaba Kermani
  • Mr Chaonan Li


  • Professor Bogdan Dreher - University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
  • Professor Ulf Eysel - Ruhr University Bochum, Bochum, Germany
  • Professor Gary Egan, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
  • Dr Scott Kolbe, Dept of Anatomy & Neuroscience, University of Melbourne
  • Associate Professor Nicholas Priebe, University of Texas at Austin, USA
  • Assistant Professor Yuri Saalmann, Univesrity of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
  • Professor Andrea Facoetti, University of Padova, Italy
  • Dr. Krishna Kumar, Elite School of Optometry, Birla Institute of Technology and Science
  • Ms. Krithica Srinivasan, School of Allied Health Sciences, Manipal University

Research Projects

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Key Contact

For further information about this research, please contact Lab Director Professor Trichur Vidyasagar (Sagar)

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Optometry and Vision Sciences

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Visual and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory

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