Physiotherapy Research

The Department has several internationally renowned researchers in the fields of musculoskeletal (Centre for Health, Exercise and Sports Medicine - CHESM), paediatrics, neurological rehabilitation, exercise oncology and cardiorespiratory physiotherapy.

Acute Cardiorespiratory Rehabilitation

The two main areas of research are rehabilitation after critical illness and major abdominal and cardiac surgery.

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Exercise oncology

This is an emerging area of research worldwide. We are researching lung cancer and pelvic cancer tumour streams.

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Musculoskeletal and Sports Rehabilitation (CHESM)

The Centre for Health, Exercise & Sports Medicine's research focuses on osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and knee and hip injuries with the aim being to reduce the burden of these conditions through conservative, non-drug therapies. It includes aspects of biomechanics and movement examining the mechanical interaction between bone and soft tissue during movement in healthy and pathological populations.

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