Motor trajectories of children born <30 weeks’ gestation from birth to 5 years: early predictors and functional outcome

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Motor problems, or problems with movement, ranging from clumsiness to cerebral palsy, are among the most common adverse outcomes in children born early. This study, led by Dr Alicia Spittle, Physiotherapist at the Royal Women's Hospital and Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne and Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, will investigate the motor development of children born <30 weeks' gestation compared with peers born at term from birth to 5 years. We will determine whether early clinical evaluations or neuroimaging in the newborn period can predict later motor impairment at 5 years to be able to identify those who will benefit most from early intervention.



NHMRC 1101035: Project Grant $668,386

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Child Health

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Child Health, Practice and service improvement, Recovery and Rehabilitation Across the Lifespan, Neuroscience & Mental Health

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