Developing consensus on physical activity measurement following stroke

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Currently physical activity measurement is highly variable following stroke with different tools used and outcomes measured. We will conduct a three-round survey with two separate international panels of experts in physical activity after stroke –researchers and clinicians. Responses will be compiled and respondents then asked to rank the compiled responses. Survey responses will be weighted and ranked into an aggregated list. We will also conduct a one-round survey with stroke survivors and/or carers to ask about their perspectives on physical activity measurement. This study will inform physical activity measurement for future trials.


Dr Natalie Fini, Professor Leonid Chrurilov, Dr Karen Borschmann


Professor Coralie English, Professor Sebastien Chastin, Professor Janice Eng, Dr Niru Mahendran, Dr Dawn Simpson, Dr Sarah Moore, Dr David Conradssen

Research Group

Neurological rehabilitation

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Neuroscience & Mental Health, Immunology and Inflammation, Practice and service improvement, Recovery and Rehabilitation Across the Lifespan

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