Creating a telerehabilitation plan with stroke survivors and caregivers

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We have developed resources to help stroke survivors with moderate to severe physical disability participate in a physical telerehabilitation program.  The resources were developed using an integrated knowledge translation framework, with input from stroke survivors, caregivers, clinicians and researchers.

Telerehabilitation is delivery of rehabilitation where the clinician and the patient are in separate locations and using technology such as a computer for video calls or telephone to connect remotely.

Telerehabilitation cannot replace in-person rehabilitation; however, there may be times where in-person rehabilitation is limited or could be supplemented by telerehabilitation. Every stroke survivor should have a personalised telerehabilitation plan. Telerehabilitation may be suitable for some stroke survivors but not others.

One of the key things that participants told us is that decisions made about telerehabilitation must be shared decisions, made by everyone involved.  The resources have been designed to support clinicians, stroke survivors and caregivers as you work together to make shared decisions about telerehabilitation.

Kevin (one of the stroke survivors on our team) talks about telerehabilitation.

Stroke survivors and caregivers can find more information about telerehabilitation after stroke here:

Resources for stroke survivors and caregivers

Resources for Clinicians (e.g. physiotherapists or occupational therapists) can be found here:

Resources for clinicians

You can also find out more about the team who developed this resource below.

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