Audiology and Speech Pathology Research

The Department supports world class research into a range of communication and health related domains including hearing, speech, language and balance.

Auditory Neuroscience Unit

Hearing loss is a major international health problem which currently affects an estimated 360 million people (World Health Organisation, 2013) and at le ast one in six Australians (predicted to rise to 1 in 4 Australians by 2050). The annual economic cost resulting from hearing loss is 1.2 billion in Australia alone. Hearing loss is irreversible and results primarily from the damage to the cochlear sensory hair cells and/or auditory neurons. Whilst cochlear hair cell loss can be partially overcome by a cochlear implant, there is no routine treatment for cochlear neural loss.

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Bilateral and Binaural Hearing

The research group is examining the benefits of utilising bilateral hearing.

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Cochlear implants in adults and children

This research theme covers all clinical aspects of the application of cochlear implants in adults and children as well as attempting to understand the underlying neuroscience of cochlear implant hearing.

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Identification and Management of Vestibular Disorders

The Vestibular Unit examines the nature of the balance system and how it is influenced by disorders and conditions that impact on its function, its pathways and the central nervous system integrity.

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Neuroscience of Speech

The Neuroscience of Speech (NEUS) research group undertakes discovery, clinical and translational research into communication and swallowing deficits