The Social Experiences of Hearing Loss and Hearing Aid use

Project Summary

Knowledge of the social experience of hearing loss is limited, despite how common hearing loss is in our community.  In particular, the effects of social support on outcomes for people with hearing loss are not well understood.

This study will investigate the social experience of adults with hearing loss who are either users or non-users of hearing aids.  Our aim is to improve our understanding of these experiences, including the effects of hearing aid use, in order that this knowledge can be used to improve support for people with hearing loss.

The study will include investigation of perceived social support and characteristics of social networks, as well as exploring the experience of significant others (ie. people who are close to people with hearing loss).


  1. To explore the broad spectrum of the social experience of hearing loss.
  2. To explore the social experience of hearing aid use, particularly with regard to social networks.
  3. To explore the experience of significant others, in terms of:
    1. their perception of their own handicap in having a partner/loved one with hearing loss.
    2. their impact on their loved one in providing support, motivating hearing aid uptake and use, and facilitating benefits of hearing aid use.




This study includes Adults above 18 years, with any degree of hearing loss and hearing aid usage. If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact a member of the research team.

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