The long-term effects of conductive hearing loss

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Temporary disruptions to auditory cues during early childhood may affect longer term listening abilities. This project aimed to investigate the association between abnormal auditory experiences in early childhood with longer term binarual processing ability. More specifically, to determine the influence of early conductive hearing loss with otitis media on speech perception ability in noise even once hearing returns to normal.

It is important to establish whether a link exists between early conductive hearing loss and listening deficits that persist later on in life. If there is a relationship, this would highlight the need for earlier intervention as well as the implementation of screening measures of functional listening ability in children with a history of middle ear dysfunction.



The Hearing CRC

Research Publications

Graydon, K., Rance, G., Dowell, R., Van Dun, B. 2017. Consequences of Early Conductive Hearing Loss on Long-Term Binaural Processing. Ear and Hearing.

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Identification and Management of Hearing Disorders

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Neuroscience & Mental Health

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