Neurologic bases of hearing impairment

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There are a number of common hearing disorders which specifically affect the auditory nerve and central neural pathways rather than the ear itself.  These abnormalities (which are broadly termed "auditory neuropathies"), can involve a range of different mechanisms and sites-of-lesion. The aims of this research are to explore the processes underlying auditory neuropathy, to determine their functional (listening and communication)consequences and to develop targeted remediation strategies.


  • Donella Chisari, Tutor (PhD Candidate)
  • Julien Zanin, Tutor (PhD Candidate)
  • Bryony Nayagam, Senior Lecurer
  • Collaborators

    • Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA)
    • Bruce Lefroy Centre for Genetic Health Research
    • Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (MCRI)
    • Friedreich Ataxia Research Alliance – Clinical Network
    • Florey Neurosciences Institute
    • Alfred Hospital – Dept of Neuroscience
    • Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital
    • Bionics Institute
    • A/Prof Alan Connelly (Melbourne Brain Centre)


    • The HEARing Cooperative Research Centre
    • Jack Brockhoff Foundation
    • Collier Foundation
    • Deafness Foundation

    Research Publications

    Rance, G., Beer, D.E., Cone-Wesson, B., Shepherd, R.K., King, A., Rickards, F.W., & Clark, G.M. (1999).  Clinical findings for a group of infants and young children with auditory neuropathy.  Ear & Hearing, 20 (3), 238-252.

    Rance, G., Fava, R., Baldock, H., Chong, A., Barker, E., Corben, L. & Delatycki, M. (2008).  Speech perception ability in individuals with Friedreich ataxia.  Brain, 131, 2002-2012.

    Rance G, Ryan MM, Bayliss K, Gill K, O’Sullivan C, Whitechurch M. (2012).  Auditory Function in Children with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease.  Brain. 135, 1412-1422.

    Rance G, Starr A.  (2015).  Pathophysiological Mechanisms and Functional Hearing Consequences of Auditory Neuropathy.  Brain 138:3141-3158.

    Research Group

    Identification and Management of Hearing Disorders

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    Neuroscience & Mental Health

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    Audiology and Speech Pathology

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