In order to ensure that the breadth of our research activity produces the best health outcomes, our research efforts will be prioritised according to the following criteria: 1. Excellence. Our research will be conducted at a nationally competitive level 2. Strategic direction. Our areas of research focus will deliver a strategic advantage to the University of Melbourne as a leading national and international Centre of Learning and Research Excellence 3. Translation and relevance. Our research will be of direct relevance to and informed by the health needs of the community and will be undertaken with the overt intent to enhance practice knowledge for improved health outcomes. 4. Collaboration. Our research will involve colleagues across the University, health services, government and non-governmental agencies, patients and the community 5. Sustainability. Our research will be sustainable in the long term and will leverage new sources of research income. In order to deliver against the aspirations of our research strategy we will: • Build on our existing strengths • Strategically invest in research aligned with FMDHS priority investment areas • Encourage research capacity growth and capitalise on collaboration and funding opportunities as they arise

Chronic, non-communicable diseases are a leading cause of disease burden in the Australian and international community, resulting in many people living with illness, pain and restrictions in activity over many years. However a considerable proportion of chronic diseases and conditions are known to be preventable or best treatable if detected early and, as such, addressing their risks and determinants is core to our research.

Graduate Research at MDHS

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