Learning and Teaching Scholarship and Innovation

Our teaching academics are recognised for their outstanding expertise within their disciplines and for innovation across curricula

About this hub

The Health Sciences Learning and Teaching Scholarship and Innovation Hub undertakes research and develops innovative approaches to teaching and learning in the health sciences. Our research and development spans:

  • Curriculum design
  • Student engagement and wellbeing
  • Generating and evaluating innovative teaching approaches
  • Designing bespoke tools for theoretical and practical health science education and assessment
  • Optimising clinical placements

A strong focus on the use of digital technologies and interprofessional education underpins our teaching and learning scholarship. We aim to develop best practice approaches to health sciences teaching through our work and provide outstanding learning experiences for our students.

Meet our learning and teaching experts

  • Audiology and Speech Pathology
    Profile picture of Kelley Graydon

    Dr Kelley Graydon

    Senior Lecturer | International placements, teleaudiology (including virtual patients and zoom based clinics), clinical simulation for teaching and assessments, online modules and e-PBL sessions, and flipped classroom design
    Profile picture of Dani Tomlin

    Associate Professor Dani Tomlin

    Clinical Audiologist and a teaching and research academic, teaching into the Master of Clinical Audiology. Her interest areas include innovation in clinical education and assessment, with a focus on the development and application of simulations and eLearning tools for clinical training.
    Profile picture of Grace Nixon

    Dr Grace Nixon

    Lecturer | Flipped classrooms, virtual patients, online assessments, online e-learning, and interdisciplinary education.
    Profile picture of Patrick Bowers

    Patrick Bowers

    Associate Lecturer, teaching in to the Master of Clinical Audiology. His area of interest includes development and implementation of eLearning and simulation for clinical training.
    Profile picture of Lauren Story

    Dr Lauren Story

    Lecturer, teaching into the Master of Clinical Audiology | Radical flipped classroom, virtual patients, qualitative research, case-based learning
    Profile picture of Donella Chisari

    Donella Chisari

    Lecturer and Clinical Audiologist | Clinical simulation, e-PBL, radical flipped classroom design, interprofessional education
    Profile picture of Samantha Tai

    Dr Samantha Tai

    Lecturer, Senior Audiologist, Teaching Specialist|Research areas include clinical communication, patient-centred education.
    Profile picture of Michelle Todorov

    Dr Michelle Todorov

    Clinical Audiologist and a teaching and research academic, teaching into the Master of Clinical Audiology. Her areas of interest include online assessments, virtual patients, and interdisciplinary education.
  • Nursing
    Profile picture of Snezana Kusljic

    Dr Snezana Kusljic

    Senior Lecturer, Senior Academic Adviser | Research areas include pharmacology, medication safety and quality use of medicines, psychopharmacology
  • Optometry and Vision Sciences
    Profile picture of Anthea Cochrane

    Associate Professor Anthea Cochrane

    Assoc. Professor, Teaching Specialist, 3rd, 4th year OD and Placement Coordinator | Research: low vision, clinical training and assessment, failure to fail, training educators.
    Profile picture of Bao Nguyen

    Dr Bao Nguyen

    Lecturer, optometrist and human visual neuroscientist | Research areas include understanding eye and brain changes with healthy and pathological ageing, childhood and adolescent development, vision anomalies in ophthalmic and neurological disorders.
    Profile picture of Kwang Cham

    Dr Kwang Cham

    Senior Lecturer | Research areas include digital technologies for feedback and assessment, inter-professional education, and inter-disciplinary object-based learning engaging with material culture.
    Profile picture of Laura Downie

    Associate Professor Laura Downie

    Associate Professor and Dame Kate Campbell Fellow | Research areas include ocular diagnostics and therapeutics, tear biomarkers, clinical trials and research translation.
  • Physiotherapy
    Profile picture of Catherine Granger

    Associate Professor Catherine Granger

    Associate Professor and Dame Kate Campbell Fellow | Research areas include exercise and physical activity for patients with lung cancer, other cancers, critical illness and respiratory diseases
    Profile picture of Karen Donald

    Dr Karen Donald

    Course coordinator and Director of Teaching and Learning-Doctor of Physiotherapy. Associate Fellow of Australian and New Zealand Association of Health Professional Educators. My research interests are ePortfolio, authentic assessment, self-regulated learning, interprofessional education and collaborative practice and technology enhance learning.
  • Social Work
    Profile picture of David Rose

    Associate Professor David Rose

    Associate Professor in Social Work, Director of Learning and Teaching, MSHS | Research areas include impact of criminal justice system, trauma and mental health, alcohol and other drugs, domestic & family violence, children and families across borders and health/mental health in forensic systems
    Profile picture of Jennifer Davidson

    Dr Jennifer Davidson

    Course Coordinator, MSW | Research areas include navigating complex service systems, disability and the NDIS, social work in the legal and justice systems and the impact of social policy on health and wellbeing
    Profile picture of Ralph Hampson

    Associate Professor Ralph Hampson

    Associate Professor | Research areas include health, ageing and community services