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Optimising the health and wellbeing of the community we serve

The School of Health Sciences Early to Mid-Career Academics Association (EMCAA) is established to facilitate inter-connectedness and collaboration between anyone who identifies as an early or mid-career academic within the Department of Nursing, Department of Audiology or Speech Pathology, Department of Optometry, Department of Physiotherapy or Department of Social Work.

EMCAA Structure


EMCAA has five co-chairs representing each of the Departments within the School of Health Sciences.

Profile picture of Michelle Hall

Dr Michelle Hall

Senior Research Fellow, NHMRC Emerging Leader, Dame Kate Campbell Fellow | Research areas include osteoarthritis. exercise, biomechanics; meta-analyses, clinical trials
Profile picture of Gemma McKibbin

Dr Gemma McKibbin

Research fellow | Specialises in interviews with children and young people about sensitive issues like child sexual abuse and family violence. Interested in research collaborations that benefit the health and social lives of children and young people in Australia and across the globe
Profile picture of Flora Hui

Dr Flora Hui

Research Fellow Industry Engagement

Steering Committee

The steering committee meets monthly to discuss how we provide opportunities to enhance collaboration between the five Departments within the School of Health Sciences.

Profile picture of Belinda Lawford

Dr Belinda Lawford

Research Assistant | Areas of research include telehealth and implementation of health services to help improve the lives of those with chronic musculoskeletal pain (e.g. osteoarthritis)
Profile picture of Elaina Kefalianos

Dr Elaina Kefalianos

Senior Lecturer | Research areas include child communication development, stuttering, epidemiological studies, implementation science
Profile picture of Kade Paterson

Dr Kade Paterson

NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow, Dame Kate Campbell Senior Research Fellow | Research includes lower limb biomechanics of walking and running, and the clinical and biomechanical effects of foot-based interventions for musculoskeletal conditions
Profile picture of Natalie Fini

Dr Natalie Fini

Senior Lecturer, Post-Doctoral Researcher | Research areas include physical activity after neurological injury, stroke recovery and rehabilitation
Profile picture of Tandy Hastings-Ison

Dr Tandy Hastings-Ison

Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Profile picture of Thorlene Egerton

Dr Thorlene Egerton

Senior Lecturer | Research focus is on design of models of health service delivery to implement evidence-based practice for osteoarthritis and other chronic conditions
Profile picture of Marianne Coleman

Dr Marianne Coleman

Orthoptist, Clinical Vision Research Fellow | Research areas include Digital Health, Childrens Vision, Public Eye Health, Eyecare across the Lifespan, Binocular Vision.
Profile picture of Kate Hayward

Dr Kate Hayward

Senior Research Fellow | Research areas include the brain-behaviour nexus during rehabilitation after stroke
Profile picture of Kristin Diemer

Associate Professor Kristin Diemer

Associate Professor | kNOwVAWdata; safe, ethical and inclusive measurement of violence against women and children with a focus in Asia and the Pacific
Profile picture of Rebecca Jarden

Dr Rebecca Jarden

Lecturer | Research areas include nurse wellbeing and critical care
Profile picture of Mark Merolli

Dr Mark Merolli

Physiotherapist, Senior Lecturer, Research Fellow | Digital Technologies