Disability and Inclusion

Working with people with disability, their families and caregivers to promote well-being, independence, participation and inclusion

About this hub

Our disability research aims to promote the well-being, rights, participation and inclusion of people living with disability, and to support their caregivers and family. We do this by considering the impact of initial diagnoses made in children and adults, and the ongoing effect of disability across the lifespan, including the unique issue of disabilities associated with ageing, whether these relate to mobility, vision, communication, or social isolation. Our research also focuses critically on the service systems and workforces that support people living with disability.

Identifying risk factors, and their impact on the onset and progression of diseases or other conditions resulting in disability are central to our research program. We contribute to the development and implementation of evidence-based rehabilitation and recovery programs, with a focus on integrating with current policy directives such as the NDIS.

These interventions include health-service and community-based interventions, as well as digital applications to extend reach and uptake.

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