Celebrating World Social Work Day - Panel Discussion

A panel discussion at the University of Melbourne was held to celebrate World Social Work Day on March 21 to explore this year's theme - "respecting diversity through joint social actions".

Following the celebration and reflection on 3CR radio in the morning, a discussion panel was held in the evening to connect fellow students and alumni. It was co-hosted by The University of Melbourne Department of Social Work, the Social Work Association of Graduate Students (SWAGS) & the Social Work Alumni Association (UMSWAA).

With a welcome from Professor Lou Harms (Chair and Head of Social Work at The University of Melbourne) and followed by Q&A with Dr David Gallant (Lecturer and Director of Engagement of Social Work at The University of Melbourne), we were pleased to be joined by Matthew Jackman, Chloe Span and Julie Green.

WSWD new photo collage

From left: Dr David Gallant, Julie Green, Chloe Span, Bronwyn McFadyen, Matthew Jackman and Prof Lou Harms

This year's theme - "Respecting diversity through joint social actions" and various topics were explored: Matthew shared their understanding on how justice-driven care can  support social actions; Chloe  explained what advocacy, inclusion and live experiences have shaped her practices and understanding of being a social worker; Julie shed lights on the role of co-everything  in the field of social work; and Professor Lou Harms shared how social work can be further advanced in the future.

Thank you to all who contributed to the success of this event. Please watch the recording below: