Social Work Event Series 2023

Social Work at Melbourne: Event Series

Led by the visionary Jocelyn Hyslop, a Diploma of Social Studies was established at this University in 1941, the second such program in Australia. Strongly influenced by advances in the United States, this program was focused on preparing graduates to work at the frontlines of poverty, social inequality and psychosocial vulnerability in all its contexts.

Since these origins, our commitment to social justice, human rights and wellbeing has continued. Social work students at The University of Melbourne continue to engage in a vibrant, research-led learning experiences, preparing them for practice, research and leadership in diverse practice contexts.

Today, it is a Master of Social Work program, attracting both local and international students. Our social work education commitment has widened to include Indigenous knowledges, narrative therapy, and advanced, specialist coursework. We are situated in a School of Health Sciences, in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, reflective of our ongoing contribution to health, wellbeing and empowerment in multidisciplinary contexts.

Throughout the years, we celebrate the threads of our history that speak to our present and our future.

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Wednesday October 11 2023

Exploring Sports and Youth Justice in Australia: Reflections from a Fulbright Experience and Opportunities for Shared Learning and Impact

Online Seminar

Dr. Kalyn McDonough shared her reflections gleaned from the Fulbright study tour, and facilitated a discussion to gain critical insights from stakeholders, promote a space for shared learning, and identify prospective areas of future opportunity and growth within the field.

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Thursday August 17 2023

2023 Len Tierney Lecture - Understanding the Voices of Young People in International Kinship Care: an Australian Perspective

Online Webinar

Associate Professor David Rose discussed his research into Australia’s Orphan Relative Visa system which aims to document the needs and issues for young people arriving in Australia on international kinship care arrangements. An outline of David’s work with the Asian and Pacific Association of Social Work Education (APASWE) and International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) was also included, as accompanied by a brief overview of the opportunities and challenges for social work education and practice in the Asia Pacific region.

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Tuesday 20 June 2023

University of Melbourne Social Work Alumni Association (UMSWAA) Morning Tea

In person event

UMSWAA was delighted to host a morning tea for alumni at Graduate House. An update on the current achievements, happenings and changes in the Department of Social Work over the last year, as well as an update on future events and the oral history project were provided.

Tuesday 22 March 2023

World Social Work Day Celebrations: Panel Discussion

In person discussion

Following the celebration and reflection in the morning, a discussion panel was held in the evening to connect fellow students and alumni. It was co-hosted by The University of Melbourne Department of Social Work, the Social Work Association of Graduate Students (SWAGS) & the Social Work Alumni Association (UMSWAA). With a welcome from Professor Lou Harms (Chair and Head of Social Work at The University of Melbourne) and followed by Q&A with Dr David Gallant (Lecturer and Director of Engagement of Social Work at The University of Melbourne), we were pleased to be joined by Matthew Jackman, Chloe Span and Julie Green.

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Tuesday 22 March 2023

World Social Work Day Celebrations: Tuesday Breakfast Radio with 3CR

Radio episode

The Department of Social Work had the pleasure to collaborate with 3 Community Radio (3CR) to have a discussion on various aspects and themes of social work, ranging from the mental health sector, the benefits of integrating sports into social work, to the possible future of social work. Hosted by 3CR hosts – Phuong, Ivka and Genevieve, the conversation was joined by Madeline Mackenzie, Dr Kalyn McDonogh, Dr Shelley Turner, Julie Green and Professor Lou Harms.

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Wednesday 12 October 2022

2022 Len Tierney Lecture - Supporting advocacy in child abuse, domestic and family violence through research: Challenges and changes

Online Webinar

Professor Cathy Humphreys delivered this webinar to reflect on the themes, consistencies and developments in her research career in the area of child abuse, domestic and family violence. She explored the challenges that lie ahead in sustaining research, as well as the ways in which research can be used as a tool for policy advocacy and practice changing this field.

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Tuesday 7 June 2022

The migration experience of the South Sundanese community - sport and employment as pathways to belonging

Online Webinar

Dr William Abur drew out key findings from his doctoral thesis, which are relevant to practitioners working in contexts where recent refugees and migrants are encountered.

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Thursday 25 November 2021

Reflections on Social Work careers: University of Melbourne Social Work alumni 1945-2000

Online Webinar

Panel of discussions led by Professor Dorothy Scott AM, Dr Jane Miller AM, Associate Professor Ralph Hampson, Miriam Suss OAM, Robyne Schwarz AM and selected Master of Social Work students.

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Wednesday 22 September 2021

2021 Len Tierney Lecture - Children with disability: Centering family knowledge in social work practice, research, and policy

Online Webinar

Presented by Dr Lyndal Hickey and Professor Bruce Bonyhady AM.

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Monday 31 May 2021

The foundations of Social Work education

Online Webinar

Presented by Dr Jane Miller AM as the keynote speaker, this webinar outlined the foundations of this course, which laid the initial strong foundations for Australian social work today. Jane then examined the merging themes of the profession’s response to Indigenous Australians, violence against women, and the female dominated nature of the profession to conclude this component of the webinar.

Followed by a panel discussion including Lee Vanderwalker, Emily Clarke, Joan Fang, Lorraine Parsons and Associate Professor David Rose, various theme including workplace transition and readiness, trends and issues in social work educations, as well as key knowledge and skill areas required in social work education to better address the needs of Indigenous communities were explored.

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Monday 29 March 2021

Housing the homeless - prevention & response

Online Webinar

Presented by the University of Melbourne Social Work Alumni Association (UMSWAA), this webinar sought to understand what the outcomes are for those people housed under pandemic, and how homelessness may be prevented, as well as exploring the issues for the special population of women exiting prison.

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