Celebrating World Social Work Day - Breakfast Radio with 3CR

The Department of Social Work had the pleasure to collaborate with 3 Community Radio (3CR) to have a discussion on various aspects and themes of social work, ranging from the mental health sector, the benefits of integrating sports into social work, to the possible future of social work.

Hosted by 3CR hosts – Phuong, Ivka and Genevieve, the conversation was joined by Madeline Mackenzie, Dr Kalyn McDonogh, Dr Shelley Turner, Julie Green and Professor Lou Harms.

Madeline Mackenzie highlighted the importance of collaboration and deep listening in the field of social work: "Collaboration and listening to people with lived experience on what's helpful for them and listening to their stories about resilience is the most important thing."

Dr Kalyn McDonogh shared insights into the benefits of integrating sports into social work as it builds "strong working relationships and trust in groups, society and across the world."

Dr Shelley Turner, whose expertise falls in youth justice and Forensic social work, said working as a social worker led to many "moments [that] create an opportunity for genuine human connections".  Similarly, Julie Green, a current Master of Social Work student said, "we can really elevate issues of intersectionality, making sure the voices that never get heard are heard."

Professor Lou Harm, the Chair and Head of Social Work highlighted the importance of World Social Work Day as "a really important annual moment to pause and celebrate the focus and cause of social, and all the fantastic people that engage in the day and day out... to talk out what we do and address some of the burnout – it's a tough job, but a really rewarding job."

Lou encouraged all social workers to "have both a quiet and loud celebration – a quiet affirmation of yourself and all the work you do, local or global; call out to colleagues to thank them and acknowledge them."

Thank you to all who tuned in. If you wish to listen to the conversation, please find it here or below.