My Joint Yoga

Your 3-month research-based online yoga program for hip and knee osteoarthritis

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The Centre for Health, Exercise & Sports Medicine (CHESM) at the University of Melbourne are excited to announce the release of My Joint Yoga (

My Joint Yoga provides a 3 month modified yoga exercise program which can be completed independently at home by watching pre-recorded yoga sessions online.

Yoga is one form of land-based exercise that can appeal to many people with osteoarthritis because it combines strength training and stretching in a low-impact setting along with a focus on breathing and relaxation.

The my joint yoga program has been designed in conjunction with yoga therapists, researchers, physiotherapists, and yoga instructors. The program has also received input from community members who have osteoarthritis and you will notice that we offer several options for poses throughout the program to allow for different abilities and fitness levels to participate.

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Screen grab of My Joint Yoga video

My Joint Yoga was designed and developed by physiotherapists (led by Professor Kim Bennell, Sarah Schwartz, Dr Sam Teo, Stephanie Hawkins, Dave Mackenzie, Alexander Kimp, Ben Metcalf, and Professor Rana Hinman) at the University of Melbourne and tested in a clinical research trial. It was funded by an Australian National Health and Medical Research grant.