Shoes for Adolescent Kneecap Pain (SHAPE)

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This study is comparing the effects of two types of readily available off-the-shelf sport shoes on kneecap pain in teenagers. Participants will be randomly allocated into two different groups. Participants in each group will be provided with a pair of sport shoes to wear for all of their sport and exercise for 3 months.

You may be eligible if you:

  • are aged between  12 - 19 years old;
  • have had kneecap pain for 2 months or longer;
  • play sport or exercise for at least 60 minutes per week;
  • can commit to wearing the study shoes for all of your sport over the next 3 months

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Person tying a shoe

SHAPE was designed and developed by researchers (Assoc Prof Kade Paterson, Prof Rana Hinman, Prof Kim Bennell, Assoc Prof Adam Bryant, and Sam Shearer).