PEAK Translated Resources


The PEAK training program has a suite of useful patient resources are provided digitally so that physiotherapists may print/download them or use with their patients in a clinical setting. Since the release of our training we have collaborated internationally with physiotherapists to translate the resources into multiple languages for clinical use. Feel free to use these resources as part of your clinical practice in a patient-centred manner considering their language preferences.

Patient booklets


Download Osteoarthritis Information Book

Download Knee Plan and Log book

Download Exercise Book

Download Preparing for your consult book

Portuguese (Brazilian):

Download Osteoarthritis Information Book

Download Exercise Book


Download Osteoarthritis Information Book


Download Exercise Book

Spanish OA Info Page

Physiotherapist Resources


Download Consultation Outline

Download Initiating and using Zoom for video consultations

Download Pre-consultation Survey 

Download Zoom Troubleshooting

We would like to acknowledge the physiotherapists and people involved in translations: 

SPANISH: Manuela Besomi, Antonio Michell, and Pedro Castex

PORTUGUESE  (BRAZILIAN): Dr Ana Elisa Serafim Jorge and Yuri Lima

HUNGARIAN:  Katalin Forgács-Kristóf

GREEK:  Stavros Doxastakis

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