Optometry and Vision Sciences

Profile picture of Anthea Cochrane

Associate Professor Anthea Cochrane

Assoc. Professor, Teaching Specialist, 3rd, 4th year OD and Placement Coordinator | Research: low vision, clinical training and assessment, failure to fail, training educators.
Profile picture of Bao Nguyen

Dr Bao Nguyen

Lecturer, optometrist and human visual neuroscientist | Research areas include understanding eye and brain changes with healthy and pathological ageing, childhood and adolescent development, vision anomalies in ophthalmic and neurological disorders.
Profile picture of Kwang Cham

Dr Kwang Cham

Senior Lecturer | Research areas include digital technologies for feedback and assessment, inter-professional education, and inter-disciplinary object-based learning engaging with material culture.
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Associate Professor Laura Downie

Associate Professor and Dame Kate Campbell Fellow | Research areas include ocular diagnostics and therapeutics, tear biomarkers, clinical trials and research translation.