Social Work

Profile picture of Jennifer Davidson

Dr Jennifer Davidson

Course Coordinator, MSW | Research areas include navigating complex service systems, disability and the NDIS, social work in the legal and justice systems and the impact of social policy on health and wellbeing
Profile picture of Louise Harms

Professor Louise Harms

Chair and Head, Department of Social Work, and Deputy Head, School of Health Sciences | Research interests include health, mental health and disability
Profile picture of Ralph Hampson

Associate Professor Ralph Hampson

Associate Professor | Research areas include health, ageing and community services
Profile picture of Lyndal Hickey

Dr Lyndal Hickey

Research Fellow | Research areas include policy, program and practice implementation to improve the lives of people living with disability, and their families in their communities
Profile picture of Lynette Joubert

Professor Lynette Joubert

Professor - Direct Practice | Research areas include clarifying, measuring and evaluating the outcomes of social interventions in health and mental health, focusing on the contribution of formal and informal social network factors
Profile picture of David Rose

Associate Professor David Rose

Associate Professor in Social Work, Director of Learning and Teaching, MSHS | Research areas include impact of criminal justice system, trauma and mental health, alcohol and other drugs, domestic & family violence, children and families across borders and health/mental health in forensic systems
Profile picture of Kristin Diemer

Associate Professor Kristin Diemer

Associate Professor | kNOwVAWdata; safe, ethical and inclusive measurement of violence against women and children with a focus in Asia and the Pacific
Profile picture of Cathy Humphreys

Professor Cathy Humphreys

Professor | Dedicated to optimising the health of all family members where there is domestic and family violence
Profile picture of Lauren Kosta

Dr Lauren Kosta

Lecturer | Research areas include family adaptation in circumstances of adversity such as those which bring families into health settings as well as post-disaster recovery contexts
Profile picture of David Denborough

Dr David Denborough

Senior Lecturer | Involved in Narrative Practice Research innovations (narrative therapy and community work in research) and collaborations with Insider/Peer researchers and First Nations researchers
Profile picture of Kath Sellick

Dr Kath Sellick

Lecturer | Experienced in qualitative and mixed methods research with a particular focus on co-production. Her areas of research include trauma-informed care, mental health, disability, and diversity and inclusion