Profile picture of David Berlowitz

Prof David Berlowitz

Chair in Physiotherapy at Austin Health | Research areas include sleep and breathing disorders in neuromuscular disease, health systems and data research, clinical trials of therapies and care models
Profile picture of Fiona Dobson

A/Prof Fiona Dobson

Deputy Head of Physiotherapy | Research areas include exercise for chronic musculoskeletal conditions, hip & knee osteoarthritis, outcome measurement, meta-analysis
Profile picture of Lara Edbrooke

Dr Lara Edbrooke

Lecturer | Research areas include health services research, multi-disciplinary models of allied health care for people with cancer, measurement of physical activity
Profile picture of Thorlene Egerton

Dr Thorlene Egerton

Senior Lecturer | Research focus is on design of models of health service delivery to implement evidence-based practice for osteoarthritis and other chronic conditions
Profile picture of Stephanie Filbay

Dr Stephanie Filbay

NHMRC Research Fellow | Research expertise includes anterior cruciate ligament injury and knee osteoarthritis outcomes and interventions
Profile picture of Natalie Fini

Dr Natalie Fini

Senior Lecturer, Post-Doctoral Researcher | Research areas include physical activity after neurological injury, stroke recovery and rehabilitation
Profile picture of Jane Fitzpatrick

A/Prof Jane Fitzpatrick

Honorary | Research areas include Sport and Exercise Medicine, tendinopathy and osteoarthritis
Profile picture of Helena Frawley

A/Prof Helena Frawley

Associate Professor | Research expertise in expertise in women’s health, specifically disorders related to the pelvic floor
Profile picture of Catherine Granger

A/Prof Catherine Granger

Associate Professor and Dame Kate Campbell Fellow | Research areas include exercise and physical activity for patients with lung cancer, other cancers, critical illness and respiratory diseases
Profile picture of Michelle Hall

Dr Michelle Hall

Senior Research Fellow, NHMRC Emerging Leader, Dame Kate Campbell Fellow | Research areas include osteoarthritis. exercise, biomechanics; meta-analyses, clinical trials
Profile picture of Kate Hayward

Dr Kate Hayward

Senior Research Fellow | Research areas include the brain-behaviour nexus during rehabilitation after stroke
Profile picture of Rana Hinman

Prof Rana Hinman

Research areas include improving the health of people with chronic musculoskeletal conditions, especially osteoarthritis, implementation science, and increasing access to care, including telerehabilitation and digital health
Profile picture of Jennifer Jones

Dr Jennifer Jones

Clinical Research Fellow | Research areas include critical care recovery and rehabilitation, frailty and digital health
Profile picture of Selina Parry

Dr Selina Parry

Associate Professor in Physiotherapy
Profile picture of Kade Paterson

Dr Kade Paterson

NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow, Dame Kate Campbell Senior Research Fellow | Research includes lower limb biomechanics of walking and running, and the clinical and biomechanical effects of foot-based interventions for musculoskeletal conditions
Profile picture of Alicia Spittle

Prof Alicia Spittle

Associate Dean (Research) Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences | Her research interest include infant and child development, early intervention, parent well-being, consumer engagement and implementation science
Profile picture of Jennifer McGinley

Prof Jennifer McGinley

Head, Department of Physiotherapy | Research areas include movement and function across the lifespan in healthy people and those with neurological conditions including stroke, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorder
Profile picture of Gavin Williams

Prof Gavin Williams

Professor of Physiotherapy Rehabilitation | Research areas include neurological gait disorders, running, task-specific strength training and focal spasticity management
Profile picture of Kelly Bower

Dr Kelly Bower

Lecturer | Research areas include stroke rehabilitation, balance training, falls prevention, motion-tracking technologies and telehealth
Profile picture of Shaza Abo

Ms Shaza Abo

Clinical Research Fellow (Acute Cardiorespiratory) | Researching physical activity and exercise in cancer and critical illness; interested in quantitative and qualitative methodologies, co-design and sustainability
Profile picture of Amanda Kwong

Dr Amanda Kwong

Research Fellow | Research areas include early detection assessment and implementation of movement problems in high risk infants
Profile picture of Abbey Eeles

Dr Abbey Eeles

Research Fellow | Research areas include the impact of developmental therapy and early intervention on brain development and rehabilitation in the newborn period and beyond, and the role parents play in delivering this intervention
Profile picture of Rachel Toovey

Dr Rachel Toovey

Lecturer | Research areas including paediatrics, disability and inclusive participation in physical activity
Profile picture of Tandy Hastings-Ison

Dr Tandy Hastings-Ison

Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Profile picture of Tara Fitzgerald

Dr Tara Fitzgerald

Lecturer | Research interests include physical activity participation in early childhood, and long-term outcomes for infants born preterm
Profile picture of Cathy Said

A/Prof Cathy Said

A/Professor Physiotherapy Western Health | Research interests include rehabilitation and fall prevention in older people and people with neurological disorders
Profile picture of Belinda Lawford

Dr Belinda Lawford

Research Assistant | Areas of research include telehealth and implementation of health services to help improve the lives of those with chronic musculoskeletal pain (e.g. osteoarthritis)
Profile picture of Kim Bennell

Prof Kim Bennell

Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor, NHMRC Investigator Fellow and Dame Kate Campbell Fellow. Director of the Centre for Health, Exercise and Sports Medicine | Research focus is on the management of musculoskeletal conditions particularly osteoarthritis