Social Work Research

The Department is committed to improving social justice through the development and use of evidence by undertaking meaningful, applied research that addresses some of society's most pressing social concerns. To that end, researchers use a broad range of methodologies – from large database analytics and quantitative enquiry, to qualitative research that draws upon the experiences of individuals, groups and communities – across four different research groups.

Alliance to End Violence toward Women and Children

The Alliance involves a collaboration with GP Practice and Primary Care with Professor Cathy Humphreys from Social Work and Professor Kelsey Hegarty from General Practice as co-leads.

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Partnership for Innovation in Out-of-home Care

Staff partner with organisations across the out-of-home care system to develop and embed social innovations that make a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable children living without parental care.

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Practice Research Program in Health and Mental Health

The practice research program brings academic researchers and health organisations together in partnership to inform social interventions for positive health and mental health outcomes.

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