Domestic and family violence and parenting: mixed method insights into impact and support needs

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This project will build the evidence base on the impact of DFV on parenting. The results will provide an important foundation on which to base policy and practice strategies that respond to the needs of mothers and children whose relationships have been impaired through exposure to DFV. The research has three complementary strands: a literature review, a quantitative element using three existing, large-scale databases (the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children, the Longitudinal Study of Separated Families and the Survey of Recently Separated Parents 2012), and a qualitative element providing insight into the experiences of mothers who have used services across a range of areas in the context of a history of DFV.

This project has national relevance through the use of national datasets and by examining the experiences of women across at least two states (Victoria and South Australia). It will generate new evidence directly relevant to policy and practice across the areas of child protection, family law, DFV and family support services. Our multi-disciplinary team will draw on expertise in social work, socio-legal research, health research and population-based family studies to develop a common evidence base that will be credible and applicable across these areas.



  • Australian Institute of Family Studies
  • Latrobe University



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Alliance to End Violence toward Women and Children

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Child Health

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Child Health

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