The role of fixational eye movements in spatial vision

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Even when we gaze intently at a point, our eyes continue to make small, largely involuntary eye movements. The role of these eye movements have been debated for many decades, and continue to be the topic of active research in the literature. In this project we examine the role of fixational eye movements, and the perceptual mechanisms that correct for them, in tasks that require fine spatial judgments.


Ms Adela Park (PhD candidate)


  • Associate Professor Andrew Metha – Department of Optometry & Vision Science, The University of Melbourne
  • Dr Philip Bedggood - Department of Optometry & Vision Science, The University of Melbourne


Melbourne Research Scholarship (A. Park)

Research Group

Learning and Teaching Laboratory Visual Functions Laboratory Longitudinal investigation of neurovascular dysregulation and capillary angiopathy in young people with diabetes Optological Laboratory National Vision Research Institute Eye Movement Laboratory

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Neuroscience & Mental Health

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Optometry and Vision Sciences

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