Visual Functions Laboratory

Research Overview

This laboratory applies behavioural and electrophysiological methods to elucidate visual development and the normal ageing process. We develop methods for the detection and monitoring of eye disease or systemic and brain conditions having visual consequences. In particular we are interested in the early changes found in retinal and optic nerve disease as well as cortical disorders (Migraine, Alzheimers) and dry eye disease.

The lab collaborates with the Anterior Eye, Clinical Trials and Research Translation Unit, the Ocular Physiology Lab and the Clinical Psychophysics Laboratory within the Department.  We have worked on common projects with  other laboratories in Melbourne University (Anatomy, Ophthalmology) and elsewhere (Baker Heart Institute)..

Our human and animal work has defined the effect that normal ageing and the ocular diseases, ARMD, diabetes and glaucoma, can have on vision. In particular we are interested in developing tests that can detect and monitor these processes. Students in the Visual Functions Laboratory learn computing skills, modelling methods, electrophysiological and/or psychophysical methods. Collaborative projects provide a broad experience in anatomy, system physiology, neuroscience and/or ocular biochemistry.


  • A/Prof Bang Bui, Ocular Physiology Laboratory, Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences
  • Prof Allison McKendrick, Clinical Psychophysics Laboratory, Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences
  • A/Prof Laura Downie, Anterior Eye, Clinical Trials, and Research Translation Unit, Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences
  • Dr Christine Nguyen, Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences

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For further information about this research, please contact Prof Algis Vingrys

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Optometry and Vision Sciences

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Learning and Teaching Laboratory Visual Functions Laboratory Longitudinal investigation of neurovascular dysregulation and capillary angiopathy in young people with diabetes Optological Laboratory National Vision Research Institute Eye Movement Laboratory

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