Improving clinical tests for diagnosis and management of vision loss (imaging and perimetry)

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Recently it has become possible to obtain measures and pictures of micro-scale structures in human retinas in real time (using a technique known as OCT). We are using OCT to optimise tests of a person's vision, deciding where to test, how precise the test needs to be, and how the results link to the obtained images of retinal anatomy. We are also interested in how to improve testing of visual damage across the visual field, by improving the stimuli and procedures by which visual fields are assessed. A main applied focus of this work is to improve testing for the detection and management of glaucoma, however, we are also interested in other disorders that result in visual field loss.


A/Prof Andrew Turpin, Computing and Information Systems, University of Melbourne


Australian Research Council (Linkage Project)

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Clinical Psychophysics Unit

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Neuroscience & Mental Health

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