Screening for Prevalence of Illicit Toxins in the emergency department: Mapping pathways to care

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Emergency departments (EDs) are a critical point of access to health service for people with acute behavioural problems as a result of illicit substance use. In this study we propose to 1) determine the prevalence of illicit substance use among people presenting to EDs with acute behavioural disturbance (via routine saliva screening) and 2) prospectively map current processes of care for this group. It is anticipated that this research will identify opportunities for improving discharge planning and inform the development of an evidence based model of care for people attending EDs adversely affected by illicit substances.


Gerdtz, MF., Daniel, D., Hamilton B., Kusljic S., Innes., Knott J., Braitberg G.


Nurse’s Board of Victoria Legacy Limited – Mona Menzies’s Post-Doctoral Research Grant ($49,720)

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Emergency and Critical Care Nursing

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Neuroscience & Mental Health

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