Nursing Research

We believe practice and practice-based research are integral to the educational preparation of nurses at all levels of professional practice. Our research foci include: cancer, emergency and critical care, infant and child health, chronic disease & care across the lifespan and mental health.

Cancer Nursing Research

Led by Prof Mei Krishnasamy, this program of research focuses on generating new evidence and resources to support people with rare and less common cancers and the nurses who care for them. All studies (from their inception) include consumer representation and are multidisciplinary in orientation. Research within this program spans public and private health care, acute and community settings. An emerging area of clinical research within this program is led by Dr Zerina Tomkins, an accomplished early-mid career researcher with a track record in angiogenesis and human lymphatic malformations.

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Chronic Disease and Care across the lifespan

Led by Prof Nick Santamaria, this program of work seeks to advance scientific and clinical evidence to improve the nursing care and management of people with high prevalence chronic diseases. Within this program, newly appointed early-career researcher Dr Rebecca Disler, has developed significant understanding of the characteristics that influence chronic disease self-management intervention efficacy. She also continues to focus on improving health service delivery for patients with chronic respiratory disease. In particular, this work addresses cognitive impairment as an influence on health behaviours in respiratory disease; innovative approaches to early detection and tailoring of care; and supportive and end-stage care.

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Emergency and Critical Care Nursing

Led by Prof Marie Gerdtz, this program of work investigates ways in which emergency and critical care environments impact patient safety outcomes. The research focuses on access and resource allocation, and clinical risk management .

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Infant, Child and Adolescent Health

Led by A/Prof Sharon Kinney, this program of work focuses on the prevention, early recognition and management of clinical deterioration in infants and children. The Infant and Child Health research program aims to improve clinical outcomes for hospitalised children and their families.

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