The Centre for Mental Health Nursing is a resource for Victoria's mental health nursing sector.

Our mission is to advance and support mental health nursing practice through research, education and sector consultation.

As a Victorian Government supported academic centre that is research-active and strongly engaged in the sector, the Centre for Mental Health Nursing (CentreMHN) is  uniquely positioned to achieve its aims. The key priorities of our research and educational agenda are:

1. The mental health nursing practice priorities that have been identified as most critical to the wellbeing of consumers and nurses alike. These priorities are set through the CentreMHN’s ongoing consultation with the sector, international evidence, and the varied research and clinical expertise that comprises the CentreMHN team.

2. Research translation. A key emphasis of our research agenda is the translation of knowledge gained through academic research, transferred into policy and clinical applications.

3. Co-produced practices and outcomes, which play a key role in the achievement of our strategic objectives. The CentreMHN academic team is founded on nursing expertise; the addition of expertise from academics with lived experiences of MH service use enriches mental health nurses’ understanding of mental health ethics, human rights implications, models of care and the impact of nursing practice on MH consumers.

To achieve our strategic commitments, CentreMHN works in close partnerships with MH nurses, leaders, professional and industrial bodies and other academic groups.