The Centre for Mental Health Nursing actively engages with the Victorian mental health nursing sector to strengthen MHN practices, for the benefit of consumers. We are internationally known for skills in co-production. Our translational education and research is achieved through collaboration across mental health nursing and consumer expertise. Our practice priorities are those which are most important to the wellbeing of consumers and nurses themselves.

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Our mission

We are the Centre for Mental Health Nursing.

We advance the science and art of mental health nursing practice.

We build the capabilities of mental health nurses to co-create system and practice change in partnership with people with a lived experience of mental health service use, their families/carers and with other professions.

2022/23 to 2026/27 Strategic Plan

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Meet the CentreMHN Team

The CentreMHN is a small team with establishment/core staffing, including a director, nurse academics, lead consumer academic, research assistant and an events and communications officer. The team is supplemented with casual staffing to meet requirements for additional consultancies and grants.

Team Bios

Consumer Academic Team program team

Consumer Academic Program

In 2019, the CMHN was publicly recognised for the Consumer Academic Program (CAP), achieving (along with Tepou training New Zealand) a Mental Health Service of Australia and New Zealand Award in the category of Education, Training or Workforce Development for the achievement of excellence, innovation and best practice in mental health services.

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