RPN 4/5 Educators' Forums 2019


2019 Presentations 
Tuesday 26 February

Speakers: Dr Rosemary Charleston, Director Centre fo Mental Health Learning; Mr John Tizzi,Centre for Mental Health Learning

Topic: Centre for Mental Health Learning update, website launch and educator consultation.

Tuesday 9

Presentation 1:

Speakers: Ms Kate Thwaites, Principal Clinical Advisor, Office of the Chief Mental Health Nurse; Ms Frances Sanders, Senior Care Advisor, Office of the Chief Psychiatrist

Topic: Implementing the MHN CS across Victoria: Survey results & inpatient units

Presentation 2:

Speaker: James Houghton, Nurse Consultant NWMH

Topic: Action Learning Sets: Are they really Clinical Supervision?

Panel Discussion: 'Real-world' approaches to clinical supervision in psychiatric inpatient units in Victoria

Panel members: Christine Lupson, NWMH' Lisa Murray, NWMH; Elda Kimberlee, Monash Health

Tuesday 14 May

Speakers: Dr Haley Peckham, Centre for Psychiatric Nursing; A/Prof Bridget Hamilton, Centre for Pscyhiatric Nursing

Topic: Trauma-informed care starts in supervision

Tuesday 23 July

Speakers: A/Prof Bridget Hamilton, Wanda Bennetts, Teresa Kelly & Rory Randall,
Centre fo Psychiatric

Topic: CPN Clinical supervision - looking backward, looking forward.

Tuesday 27 August

Speakers: Mr Shingai Mareya

Topic: Strengthening the workforce: recruitment, expansion and retention!

Tuesday 10 December

Speakers: Anna Love

Topic: Chief Mental Health Nurse Update