RPN 4/5 Educators' Forum

The RPN 4/5 Educators' Forum aim is to facilitate:

  • links and relationships between educators from Area Mental Health Services (AMHs) across Victoria
  • the sharing of resources and ideas around education priorities, such as student placements, graduate nurse programs and existing workforce development
  • opportunities for clinical educators to provide input and feedback on DHHS mental health workforce strategies and guideline development
  • discussion and dissemination of information about policy implementation challenges and approaches

All mental health nursing educators in Victorian AMHs are invited to attend these Forums. They are held approximately once every six weeks at The University of Melbourne’s Parkville campus.

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2019 Forum dates




Anna Love image 

Speakers: Anna Love

Topic: Chief Mental Health Nurse Update

2019 Past Presentations
Tuesday 26 February

Speakers: Dr Rosemary Charleston, Director Centre fo Mental Health Learning; Mr John Tizzi,Centre for Mental Health Learning

Topic: Centre for Mental Health Learning update, website launch and educator consultation.

Tuesday 9

Presentation 1:

Speakers: Ms Kate Thwaites, Principal Clinical Advisor, Office of the Chief Mental Health Nurse; Ms Frances Sanders, Senior Care Advisor, Office of the Chief Psychiatrist

Topic: Implementing the MHN CS across Victoria: Survey results & inpatient units

Presentation 2:

Speaker: James Houghton, Nurse Consultant NWMH

Topic: Action Learning Sets: Are they really Clinical Supervision?

Panel Discussion: 'Real-world' approaches to clinical supervision in psychiatric inpatient units in Victoria

Panel members: Christine Lupson, NWMH' Lisa Murray, NWMH; Elda Kimberlee, Monash Health

Tuesday 14 May

Speakers: Dr Haley Peckham, Centre for Psychiatric Nursing; A/Prof Bridget Hamilton, Centre for Pscyhiatric Nursing

Topic: Trauma-informed care starts in supervision

Tuesday 23 July

Speakers: A/Prof Bridget Hamilton, Wanda Bennetts, Teresa Kelly & Rory Randall,
Centre fo Psychiatric

Topic: CPN Clinical supervision - looking backward, looking forward.

Tuesday 27 August

Speakers: Mr Shingai Mareya

Topic: Strengthening the workforce: recruitment, expansion and retention!