Graduate Researcher Allowance

The School of Health Sciences makes an allowance available to reimburse GRs for expenses including (but not limited to) conference travel/accommodation and registration, transcription costs, consumables, software requirements and other study related out-of-pocket expenses as determined appropriate by the principal supervisor.  The entire amount is available from the day you commence, though we anticipate you will discuss your budgeting across the whole course with your supervisors before making a request (especially if you are very early in your candidature).

NOTE: Due to update Central Finance requirements, claims for Thesis Editing, or any engagement of a sole-trader, must now be submitted via a one-off stipend payment form.  As we do not offer the service of hiring a sole-trader for you, this enables the money to still be claimed, but as a deposit of an allowance for you to use to engage them.  The process for you to claim (supplying an invoice or receipt) remains the same but with an important difference: you may incur tax so you would need to consider that at tax-time and discuss with your accountant.

NOTE: there is a $500 limit on purchases of computer hardware for the duration of candidature.

NOTE: the allowance can't be used to pay your Student Services Amenities Fees or Course Fees.

GR Allowance Amount (note: these amounts are the total you are entitled to for the duration of your candidature, not annual amounts) -

For PhD: $2500.

For MPhil/MASW(Research): $1450.

How to apply for the GR Student Allowance:
  • Email your receipt(s) or (already paid) invoice(s) to your Primary Supervisor requesting their approval.  Please ensure that you let them know the total amount they are approving in the text of your email.
  • Forward their approval response, as well as the email chain showing what you've requested, including the attached supporting documentation, to
  • The MSHS Academic Programs Coordinator will submit a 'Refund and Out of Pocket Expense Claim Request' via ServiceNow.  (Note: graduate researchers who are also staff members will be able to access this form directly but please do not use it as the approval needs to be manually checked to ensure compliance and that you haven't exceeded your current GR Allowance balance).
  • When the form is submitted, it will trigger an auto-communication with you to supply your account details for payment so please keep an eye out for the email coming through to your student email address.
  • Payment should occur within two weeks.  (Note: there are finance processing delays during the University's end of year shutdown period but your request will be actioned when staff have returned).