Optometry and Vision Sciences

Profile picture of Allison McKendrick

Professor Allison McKendrick

Professor | Research areas include improving the understanding and clinical assessment of visual disorder of the eye and brain (specific interests in glaucoma, migraine, and ageing).
Profile picture of Laura Downie

Associate Professor Laura Downie

Associate Professor and Dame Kate Campbell Fellow | Research areas include ocular diagnostics and therapeutics, tear biomarkers, clinical trials and research translation.
Profile picture of Marianne Coleman

Dr Marianne Coleman

Orthoptist, Clinical Vision Research Fellow | Research areas include Digital Health, Childrens Vision, Public Eye Health, Eyecare across the Lifespan, Binocular Vision.
Profile picture of Andrew Metha

Associate Professor Andrew Metha

Assoc. Professor | Research areas include cellular-resolution imaging of the retina to investigate the essential structure-function relationships required for vision and how this is supported by vascular and neural processes.
Profile picture of Lauren Ayton

Associate Professor Lauren Ayton

Principal Research Fellow | Research areas include retinal disease, gene therapy, and low vision medical devices (bionic eyes, sensory substitution). Also research translation and commercialisation, as Director of SPARK Melbourne.
Profile picture of Ceecee Britten-Jones

Dr Ceecee Britten-Jones

Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Optometrist | Research interests include inherited retinal diseases, ocular imaging, gene therapy trials, and evidence synthesis.
Profile picture of Andrew Anderson

Associate Professor Andrew Anderson

Associate Professor | Behavioural investigation of human vision, both in health and disease; Factors affecting decision-making processes in the brain.
Profile picture of Phillip Bedggood

Dr Phillip Bedggood

Postdoctoral Research Fellow | Research areas include cellular-resolution imaging of the eye to understand the earliest stages of vision and the supply of nutrients to tissue. Also technological developments in optical imaging and image processing.
Profile picture of Anthea Cochrane

Associate Professor Anthea Cochrane

Assoc. Professor, Teaching Specialist, 3rd, 4th year OD and Placement Coordinator | Research: low vision, clinical training and assessment, failure to fail, training educators.
Profile picture of Bao Nguyen

Dr Bao Nguyen

Lecturer, optometrist and human visual neuroscientist | Research areas include understanding eye and brain changes with healthy and pathological ageing, childhood and adolescent development, vision anomalies in ophthalmic and neurological disorders.
Profile picture of Flora Hui

Dr Flora Hui

Research Fellow (Industry Engagement) and Optometrist | Research areas include neurodegeneration, diagnostics and therapies, research translation, improving health services.
Profile picture of Virginia Liu

Dr Virginia Liu

Research Fellow | Translational, technolgoical developments and clinical assessment of the visual neural system.
Profile picture of Trichur Vidyasagar

Professor Trichur Vidyasagar

Professor | Research areas include neural basis of visual perception, attention and predictive coding, disorders of communication across the brain and dyslexia.
Profile picture of Sumeer Singh

Dr Sumeer Singh

Postdoctoral Clinical Research Fellow | Research areas include dry eye disease, blue light and ocular health, evidence synthesis and translational research.
Profile picture of Bang Bui

Associate Professor Bang Bui

Assoc. Professor | Research areas include preclinical investigation of vision and the retinal vasculature in healthy ageing; mechanisms of age-related susceptibility to neurodegeneration.
Profile picture of Christine Nguyen

Dr Christine Nguyen

Senior Lecturer and Optometric Clinician | Research areas using the eye as a marker for brain disease (specific interests in Parkinsons and Alzheimers disease) in preclinical and clinical space.
Profile picture of Kwang Cham

Dr Kwang Cham

Senior Lecturer | Research areas include digital technologies for feedback and assessment, inter-professional education, and inter-disciplinary object-based learning engaging with material culture.
Profile picture of Senuri Karunaratne

Senuri Karunaratne

Clinical Research Optometrist | Research areas include management of dry eye disease, childhood myopia and developement of myopia control devices.
Profile picture of Andrew Huhtanen

Dr Andrew Huhtanen

Clinic Director, Melbourne Eyecare Clinic | Research areas include anterior ocular disease and advanced contact lenses, clinical training and assessment, and evidence-based practice.
Profile picture of Michael Pianta

Associate Professor Michael Pianta

Associate Professor, 4th year OD Coordinator | Evidence-based practice.
Profile picture of Holly Chinnery

Dr Holly Chinnery

Senior Lecturer | Research areas include corneal neuroimmunology, neuropathology in corneal injury and disease, ocular surface immune cells in homeostasis and nerve regeneration.
Profile picture of Vickie Wong

Dr Vickie Wong

Research Fellow | Research areas include understanding ocular changes in neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. Parkinson's, Diabetes and Glaucoma), and using ocular biomarkers to test drug efficacy and monitoring.
Profile picture of Janet Chan

Janet Chan

Postdoctoral Researcher | Research areas include healthy ageing, migraine, magnetic resonance spectroscopy and visual snow.
Profile picture of Jia Jia Lek

Dr Jia Jia Lek

Lecturer (Teaching Specialist) | Research interest areas: Educational research including interprofessional education, cultural competency, student engagement and wellbeing.
Profile picture of Anh Hoang

Anh Hoang

Resesarch Assistant | Research areas include retinal structure-function relationship in various preclinical models and ocular biomarkers for Parkinson and Alzheimers disease.
Profile picture of Ekaterina Levichkina

Dr Ekaterina Levichkina

Research Fellow | Research areas include Neural mechanisms of visual attention and predictive coding; visual perception; sleep research.