Audiology and Speech Pathology

Profile picture of Karyn Galvin

Karyn Galvin

Principal Research Fellow, Director of Research | Listening experiences of people living with hearing loss, improving clinical management for people using hearing devices, and digital tool development
Profile picture of Bryony Nayagam

A/Prof Bryony Nayagam

Lecturer, Principal Research Fellow

Research areas include stem cells, regenerative neuroscience, hearing and hearing loss, next-generation cochlear implants and applications of MRI for hearing loss management.
Profile picture of Gary Rance

Prof Gary Rance

Graeme Clark Chair in Audiology and Speech Science
Profile picture of Julia Sarant

A/Prof Julia Sarant

Principal Research Fellow, Hearing Loss and Cognition Program | Research areas include comorbidities and biomarkers/predictors of hearing loss
Profile picture of Chris Waterworth

Mr Chris Waterworth

Lecturer | Research areas include global audiology: highlighting the need for prioritised public policies and interventions for the delivery of effective ear and hearing care services in low-and middle-income countries
Profile picture of Adam Vogel

Prof Adam Vogel

Professor of Speech Science | Research areas include speech and language biomarkers, neurodegenerative disease, clinical trials, monitoring brain health through digital technologies, swallowing and mealtime outcomes
Profile picture of Shani Dettman

Dr Shani Dettman

Senior Lecturer | Research areas include cochlear implants, maternal input and factors affecting communication development for children with hearing loss