Defining nurse practitioner sensitive outcomes in a context of multidisciplinary care

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Understanding the contribution of Nurse Practitioners to the experience and outcomes of cancer patients is critical t ongoing funding and sustainability of the roles; growth and expansion of NP services in the cancer domain; and evolution and enhancement of NP role impact as members of multidisciplinary teams. This qualitative study explores the experience of patients, carers and NP as a unit of care, examining perceptions of contribution to care and treatment outcomes from diverse perspectives. Findings from this study will inform the development of a future health services research project to evaluate cost benefit and patient experience data across cohorts of patients who do and do not have access to NP-led care.


  • Prof Mei Krishnasamy, Chair in Cancer Nursing, Department of Nursing & Centre for Cancer Research, University of Melbourne; VCCC Research and Education Lead – Cancer Nursing (Principal Investigator)
  • Natasha Moloczij, Project Manager, Department of Cancer Experiences Research, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, VCCC; Department of Nursing University of Melbourne;
  • Katherine Schubach, Nurse Practitioner, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, VCCC.


Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria

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Cancer Nursing Research

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Cancer, Practice and service improvement, Recovery and Rehabilitation Across the Lifespan

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