An evaluation of a new intervention for improving the continuity and quality of care for people who frequently attend the emergency department

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Frequent emergency department (ED) attenders are people who visit the same ED on ten or more occasions in any single year.  These individuals suffer chronic illnesses and have complex psychosocial needs.  This project evaluates a new intervention (electronic care planning) for improving care in this highly vulnerable group.  It tests the premise that the use of electronic care planning will reduce ED treatment time, the number and length of ED visits, and the total cost of providing care. Perspectives of people for whom the plans have been developed, and the nurses who implement them, are being explored.


Gerdtz, MF, Virtue EA, Michael E


Nurses Board of Victoria Legacy limited. Ella Lowe grant. ($50,000)

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Emergency and Critical Care Nursing

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Infection and Immunology

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