Melbourne Eyecare Clinic is open for business in new location

Boasting a sparkling new shop front, the latest equipment and the same brilliant service, the Melbourne Eyecare Clinic is open and taking appointments at Berkeley Street, Carlton. Available to university staff, students and the general public, Associate Professor Daryl Guest is encouraging all who need eyecare to book in with the clinic and help support the practical learning of Optometry and Vision Sciences students.

Optometrist helping a patient pick out glasses at the Melbourne Eyecare Clinic

Ready to show off their new centre, the Melbourne Eyecare Clinic's doors are now open on Berkeley Street. With a brand new location and the same great service since 2012, the clinic is continuing to provide patients with urgent care through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Associate Professor Daryl Guest is incredibly proud of the new clinic, and is encouraging staff and students in need of eyecare to book an appointment with the centre to help support the practical learning of Optometry and Vision Sciences students throughout the pandemic.

A short walk from the Royal Melbourne Hospital, the Melbourne Eyecare Clinic now sits in the heart of the Parkville Biomedical Precinct. This is exciting news for optometrists, students and patients alike, as the clinic now has seamless access with the clinical research facility's latest equipment. Associate Professor Guest is the Clinical and Executive Director of the Melbourne Eyecare Clinic in the Optometry and Vision Sciences department. He is thrilled by the possibilities of improving patient care at the new location, via the smooth interchange of equipment and services between the clinic and research facility.

'Now we have the clinical research facility and the clinic side by side, they absolutely interact,' explains Associate Professor Guest.

'This is fantastic in terms of equipment, as it means it's accessible. If we have somebody with an unusual condition, we have access to the research equipment which is much more advanced than the standard testing equipment that we have'.

Meanwhile, researchers can also utilise sections of the clinic for their purposes, improving the intersectionality between practical eyecare and clinical research.

'What we've found in this new space is the flow, movement, and level of light is so much better,' says Associate Professor Guest.

'It just puts a smile on your face'.

Optometrist providing an eye check at the Melbourne Eyecare Clinic, shows machinery, two people and room.

After moving from the Alice Hoy building during the COVID-19 pandemic under challenging circumstances, the Melbourne Eyecare clinic has remained open to provide urgent care appointments. As an essential service, the clinic has been fundamental in ensuring that patients continue to receive the treatments they need during this difficult time.

'Eye care doesn't go away during COVID,' remarks Associate Professor Guest.

'We've had a range of people with ocular emergencies, but we've also had people who've lost a screw out of their glasses. You might think that's a bit simple, but if we're not here to put the screw back in, you've got people who aren't functional'.

Optometry and Vision Sciences students are continuing to complete their placements at the clinic as a fundamental part of their practical experience prior to graduation. What they need is patients, which are lower due to COVID-19. Associate Professor Guest is calling upon University of Melbourne staff and students to do their bit to support the community and book into the clinic if they are in need of care during this time.

'As a University we'd like to see staff supporting the training of the next generation,' explains Associate Professor Guest. 'If you can give us a little bit of your time, that's what we're after'.

As well as receiving quality care at a convenient location, staff and students can also enjoy a significant discount of up to 25 or 30 per cent off services at the Melbourne Eyecare Clinic. More information about pricing and services can be found on the clinic's website.

'We're very proud of the clinic, what it looks like and how it operates,' says Associate Professor Guest.

'Everything is new, but the quality of service is the same. We want to tell our loyal patient base that we have moved, but we're still open'.

The Melbourne Eyecare Clinic is now located at 200 Berkeley Street Carlton, within the Parkville Biomedical Precinct. The clinic is now taking appointments for general eye exams. Book an appointment and find out more here.