Speech Pathology Simulated Learning

Speech Pathology piloting an immersive student experience for communication and swallowing assessment

This semester the speech pathology teaching team has piloted an immersive hospital simulation experience for first year students. This experience was specifically designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop practical skills in conducting an initial communication and swallowing assessment, prior to their first hospital-based clinical placement.

The simulated hospital experience consisted of a few components. First, students were encouraged to complete a virtual hospital tour to develop some familiarity with the hospital setting. In groups of eight, students then participated in a simulated activity in the simulation ward. Within the activity, students met ‘Jim’ (patient) and ‘Betty’ (wife), played by second year student volunteers. Students were required to set up the environment, collect Jim’s case history, conduct a full assessment, and provide feedback. A member of staff acted as a practice educator for each group of students, and a ‘start stop’ model of feedback was implemented. Following the session with Jim and Betty, the students worked as a group to draft a progress note that would be placed in Jim’s file, and engaged in group reflection.

We are currently collecting data that will inform student learning outcomes following this experience, with the hope of embedding the experience more formally into our program in the future.

A big thank you to our student volunteers for contributing to this experience!

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