MSHS Presents: Academic Speed Dating!

A group of early to mid-career academics from different departments across the School came together for the Academics Speed Dating event hosted by the Melbourne School of Health Sciences Optimising Health and Wellbeing Research Hub.

Amidst a delightful assortment of sandwiches, fruits, and cheese, the attendees engaged in an icebreaker bingo session, uncovering fascinating titbits about one another, including preferred TV series for binge-watching and other intriguing facts. Conversation flowed effortlessly as they exchanged insights into their research passions and areas of expertise. In addition, discussions flourished about potential collaborative research ventures, fostering the emergence of promising interdisciplinary collaborations. Already, this gathering has sowed the seeds for several exciting future projects! The amiable exchange not only facilitated professional networking but also contributed positively to fostering a vibrant and supportive workplace culture.

academic speed dating