Lived experience teaching and co-design in clinical practice degrees

Stephanie Weir and Dr Megan Keage from the Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology are leading a team from across the faculty (and beyond) to explore lived experience teaching and co-design in clinical practice degrees.

Funding was secured from the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (MDHS) (Learning and Teaching), and the Melbourne Disability Institute. The team has shown that many of the disciplines across MDHS incorporate lived experience expertise into teaching, however pedagogical approaches vary greatly, and each approach achieves different learning outcomes. Research shows that lived experience expertise benefits students in lots of ways, including in reflective practice skills and promotion of professional identity.

The project group is exploring best practice in lived experience teaching and co-designed curricula in clinical health professions, and the impact of lived experience expertise teaching on learning outcomes. The co-designed project is being run in collaboration with lived experience experts.

Project team: Dr Megan Keage (Speech Pathology), Stephanie Weir (Speech Pathology), A/Prof Kwang Cham (Optometry and Vision Sciences), Dr Mathew Lim (Melbourne Dental School), Dr Chirs Groot (Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences), Joanne Bolton (Collaborative Practice Centre), Carolyn Cracknell (Collaborative Practice Centre), A/Prof Kelly Weir (MSHS), Dr Camille Paynter (Melbourne Implementation Research Group), Bronwyn Tarrant (Nursing), Dr Deb Virtue (Physiotherapy), Dr Charlotte Denniston (Medical Education), Alexandra Wulchhuetter (Audiology), Vrinda Edam (Nursing), Mathi Jayasuriya (Research Assistant), and Amy Fitzpatrick (Research Assistant).