Implementation Science Launch Event and Training Program

On Tuesday 6 February 2024, we celebrated the launch of the new Specialist Certificate in Implementation Science at "Towards a Fairer, Healthier World". We also welcomed A/Prof Stephanie Best as new lead of the Melbourne Implementation Research Group.

Internationally recognised implementation researchers Prof Simon French (Macquarie University), A/Prof Natalie Taylor (University of NSW), and Prof Luke Wolfenden (University of Newcastle) joined Stephanie to discuss the state of implementation science, how to future-proof the field, and the importance of breaking down silos. The speakers discussed the importance of equitable implementation and showcased methods for fostering research collaborations and we proudly launched our new Specialist Certificate in Implementation Science. 

Implementation science is the study of methods and approaches to aid the uptake and integration of research findings into routine practice. The aim of implementation science is to improve the quality of health, education and social services.

The only course of its kind in the Australasian region, this Specialist Certificate focuses on strengthening the implementation knowledge and practice of health and human service professionals and researchers, who will gain valuable understanding of applying implementation science in complex environments such as health, education, and social care.

More information: Specialist Certificate in Implementation Science

A/Prof Steph Best

collage of Imp Sci launch event