Clinical Education in the Rural Setting at Beechworth Health Service

In collaboration with the Department of Rural Heath at the University of Melbourne, two academics from the Department of Nursing, Amanda Connors and Kerrie Arthur, recently travelled to Beechworth and delivered a one day workshop to a multi-disciplinary audience.


The workshop aimed to enable participants to acquire further knowledge and skills pertaining to advanced principles of clinical education. The activities undertaken by participants were developed to facilitate their professional growth as clinical educators and to focus their thinking on educational principles. The program involved face-to-face lectures, group discussion, role-play, multi-media and online resources.

Topics for the day included:

  1. Identifying and managing an at risk or struggling learner.
  2. Critically reflect on the process of managing a learner who is failing to meet clinical objectives.
  3. Exploring some practical strategies to support an at risk or struggling learner.
  4. Utilising a problem based approach to construct a learning contract / action plan to support the learning needs of an at risk of struggling learner.
  5. Critically reflecting on the consequences of failing to fail.

In response to the overwhelming positive feedback from participants,  additional workshops will be scheduled in 2017.