Celebrating MSHS Physio Department this World Physiotherapy Day

On September 8, MSHS is celebrating the incredible work of our dynamic Physio Department this World Physiotherapy Day (World PT Day). Marked every year on this date since 1996, World PT Day allows clinical professionals and educators the opportunity to engage with the community and celebrate the critical work of physiotherapists around the globe. MSHS recognises and thanks our Physio staff and students for the myriad of achievements they have accomplished during this challenging year.

Three allied health workers at a hospital holding their hands in love heart shape while wearing masks

This year’s theme focuses on COVID-19 and rehabilitation. The World Physiotherapy Group encourages practitioners and patients alike to engage in a range of COVID-safe activities to celebrate health and recovery. Also, to raise awareness about the key role physiotherapists play in providing COVID-19 patient care.

To celebrate World PT Day, the Physiotherapy Department are planning a week of fun online activities and content. From September 7 – 11, physio students and academics are taking over MDHS Twitter social media platforms, and there will be daily content on our MSHS Physio Facebook. We will be releasing content including tips for exercising at home with the kids, daily videos from to help you stay fit from home, what’s been going in in the department and how we have been weathering the COVID storm and much more. Make sure to show your support for our fantastic physio department and check engage with their social posts  – your back will thank you for it!

One in five physiotherapists working in Australia are currently supporting the recovery of COVID-19 patients on the hospital frontline. Often positioned in the ICU, physiotherapists provide critical care by assessing patients, setting recovery goals and prescribing mobility and rehabilitation treatments in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team. Many patients who are admitted to the ICU for COVID-19 suffer from respiratory failure and are at a high risk of losing critical muscle mass. It’s crucial to get patients up and moving as quickly as possible to aid their recovery, and physiotherapists are key to making that happen. To learn more about the vital role of physiotherapists in COVID-19 recovery and treatment, read this article by Dr Selina Parry, A/Prof Catherine Granger and Professor Linda Denehy recently featured in Pursuit.

MSHS is incredibly proud of our Department of Physiotherapy and the incredible work they have done to support educators, students, patients and the wider community during this unprecedented time. And a huge thanks to the 27 physiotherapy students who have volunteered their services to the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria for pandemic relief.

Last month, the ABC interviewed the MSHS’ A/Prof Catherine Granger on the critical support physiotherapists provide while helping COVID-19 patients get back on their feet. Often, recovery can take months of rehabilitation beyond what was expected. To watch the interview, follow this link.