ARC Linkage Grant success

Dr Christine Nguyen, A/Prof Bang Bui and Prof Algis Vingrys from the Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences and their collaborators (Dr Cebers and Dr Haeberlein) were successful in the most recent Australian Research Council Linkage Grant round.

The successful project aims to develop a multi-modal imaging technology platform to simultaneously measure amyloid beta and its neurovascular sequelae to identify novel early biomarkers of ageing in the eye and brain.


The growing ageing population is an increasing socioeconomic burden. The central nervous system is particularly susceptible to ageing, which is difficult to measure at its onset. Critically, as the eye is an easily accessible extension of the cortex, retinal imaging may be a non-invasive surrogate to assess ageing changes in the brain. Anticipated outcomes are a sensitive detector of neural ageing, improved preventative measures, reducing the socioeconomic burden of ageing, and improved quality of life.